Is my bike compatible?

The FollowMe Tandem is compatible with the overwhelming majority of adult's bikes. It is compatible with most hybrids, road bikes, electric bikes, MTBs etc.

The limiting factors are the towing bike must have at least 26" wheels. 700c/28" wheels and 29ers* are compatible.

The FollowMe comes with an adaptor for a quick-release rear wheel as standard. If you have a quick-release rear wheel then you're good to go with the kit as standard. If your bike does not have a quick-release rear wheel, we have numerous other adaptors available as detailed below.

How to identify your rear wheel type

You can identify a quick-release skewer as it will look like the image below; with a lever mechanism on the left hand/non-drive side of the bike:

Bikes with hub gears and some older/cheaper bikes will instead have wheel nuts securing the rear wheel as per the below image. If your rear wheel is secured by wheel nuts that you would need to use a spanner to release, you will need one of the solid axle adaptors listed here.

If your rear wheel is secured by a thru axle, you will need a thru-axle adaptor. Thru axles are now commonplace on modern high-end mountain bikes and disc brake road & gravel bikes. Thru axles can look a bit like a quick-release skewers as, whilst some will have a recessed allen key fitting, the can often have a lever on the non-drive side. They are however much thicker than a quick-release and will look like one of the two axles below:

To determine which thru axle adaptor is the correct size, we've made a handy document for you to print and you can download it here. If you're unsure which would be the best fit, please contact us with your measurements and we'll be able to help.

If none of that means anything to you or you're in any doubt, then please contact us and we will be able to help you identify what you need. It is often best if you can send us photos of your bikes to check compatibility.

*Note that with 29ers, you are limited to 2.2" wide tyres due to the FollowMe's mudguard. You could get round this either by removing the mudguard or cutting down the mudguard.

Is my child's bike compatible?

The FollowMe can take between a 12" and 20" wheel child's bike.

The vast majority of children's bikes in this size range will fit. The only time it becomes a problem is when the child's bike does not have a normal down tube for the FollowMe's clamp to fit to. If you're unsure whether this applies to you then feel free to contact us before placing an order. It is often best to email us with photos so that we can clarify.

What is the "Child's bike front wheel axle type" option about on the FollowMe Tandem?

You may have noticed that there is a hollow axle upgrade option on the FollowMe Tandem product page.

The FollowMe Tandem is supplied as standard with adaptors for a child's bike with a solid axle front wheel. You will know that the bike has a solid axle front wheel if the wheel is secured into the front forks by wheel nuts (requiring a spanner to remove). If your child's bike has wheel nuts you do not need the hollow axle upgrade.

On the more lightweight premium children's bikes such as Frog Bikes or Islabikes, the front wheel of the child's bike will be secured in place by either allen/hex bolts (requiring an allen key) or a quick-release skewer. If your child's bike has either of these, please select the hollow axle upgrade. You will get everything normally supplied with the FollowMe Tandem as well as an additional adapator required for the front wheel of the child's bike.

This adaptor can also be purchased retrospectively on its own here.

You will need this option if the front wheel of your child's bike looks like either of the following:

FollowMe Tandem

How easily can you unhitch/hitch the child's bike from the FollowMe Tandem?

One of the major benefits of the FollowMe Tandem is its ability to allow you to be versatile when out for a ride. Ride together in traffic situations or when the child is tired; then unhitch the bikes when you want to ride individually on safer roads or cycle paths.

Unhitching and hitching the child's bike whilst you're out on the road is quick. Once you get used to the process we suggest it should take no longer than 30 seconds to a minute to do.

Thumb screws are used throughout to enable a quick, tool-free process.

It is not essential, but it helps if you have a kickstand for the adult's bike so that it has somewhere to stand whilst you connect/disconnect the child's bike.

How easily can the FollowMe Tandem be removed from the adult's bike?

Sometimes you just want to go for a ride on your own. The FollowMe Tandem can be completely removed from the adult's bike in less than a minute simply by removing the twothumb screws and safety clipsthat secure it onto the rear axle.

How does the FollowMe Tandem fit to the adult's bike?

The FollowMe Tandem mounts to the rear axle of the adult's bike via a specifically designed quick release skewer or set of wheel nut adaptors.

This two-point contact and low centre of gravity helps to enable a really solid and secure ride, with no strange pivoting or damage to the bike. It also enables you to continue using your rear pannier rack and/or child seat.

How does the FollowMe Tandem fit to the child's bike?

The FollowMe is supplied with adaptors for the front wheel axle of the child's bike. These adaptors allow the front wheel of the bike to sit in the jaws of the FollowMe; raised 6-8cm from the ground.

The FollowMe is also supplied with a frame clamp which remains installed on the downtube of the child's bike. The telescopic arm of the FollowMe sits within this clamp when riding together, providing further stability and support.

Can I install the FollowMe Tandem myself?

If you are not 100% confident in your mechanical skills, we recommend you have a local bike shop with a qualified mechanic do the initial installation of the FollowMe for you.

Otherwise, full instructions are supplied with the FollowMe and you should allow yourself a minimum of 2 hours for installation. You will need 8mm, 13mm and 19mm spanners (DO NOT attempt to use adjustable spanners) as well as some tin shears to cut the metal strap down to size for the kids' bike clamp.

Care & maintenance

You should regularly check the various nuts and bolts of the FollowMe are adjusted to the correct torque.

If the FollowMe gets wet or you have been out on gritted roads, be sure to clean it to avoid the possibility of rust. Don't leave it outside in the rain or in damp conditions.

Does the FollowMe have a weight limit?

The weight limit for the combined weight of the child and their bicycle is 45kg.